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Health Care Project

Poverty is a major cause of illness in Bangladesh. Kailakuri aims to alleviate some of this burden by treating many patients with conditions such as malnutrition, ulcers, asthma, epilepsy, skin infections, anemia, respiratory infections and burns.  


We also work alongside government agencies and other NGOs, especially in the treatment of diabetes and tuberculosis. 

Dr. Edric Baker is the founder of Kailakuri Health Care Project, and he remained the Project Director and Medical Coordinator until shortly before his death on 1 September 2015. Edric passed away from a lung condition, after he had been unwell for a year or so. But he remained hugely committed to the project, and hopes that another doctor will carry on his life's work. 

- Mother and Child Healthcare

- Diabetes Program

- TB Program

Many of our volunteers have taken some wonderful photos of the project over the years. With pineapple plantations and rice paddies surrounding Kailakuri Healthcare Project, it has its own unique beauty. Click here to see some of them and get a feel of what it is like in rural Bangladesh.  

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