Hanif Sanket who hosts Bangladesh's most popular TV show - Ittadi - re-visited Kailakuri recently. This resulted in a 6 minute segment shown on his show. Ittadi is typically watched by 40 million or more viewers and as could be expected there has been quite a response. Journalists have been turning up at Kailakuri wanting to know more. Bangla social media has been very active. 

This has resulted in a positive write-up in the Daily S...

We would like to pass on our love and Christmas greetings to you all. The Village Health Program (VHP)
is a very important programme within the Kailakuri Health Care Project. The staff of the VHP have been
working faithfully for the people of the three religious communities in this area for a long time. This year
we have had to make some adjustments because of changes in Government rules, reduced funding and
retirements. Four of the 18 staff have reti...


When I first started working at Thanarbaid, there were few villages in Solakuri Union within our working area. At present, we are working in twenty two different villages, within Solakuri and Orankhula Unions. These activities are really essential for the three communities (Christian, Hindu and Muslim) in this area. We now have 18 staff in the VHP. Among them, five are supervisors and the rest are health assistants or general staff.

142 mothers and 1,2...


My name is Semita Rema. I am from the Garo Christian community in Thanarbaid village. I am 58 years old. My husband, Monuj Nokrek, is a farmer. I have three sons and one daughter. My oldest son has completed a diploma in nursing, my middle son owns a tea stall and my youngest son is a driver. My daughter is a garment worker.

I am working as a supervisor in the Kailakuri Village Health Program (VHP). But I have also worked as an outpatient and inpatient...

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Kailakuri healthcare project's philosophy is "health services provided for the poor, by the poor". Kailakuri is managed and operated by the poor. The project was founded and directed by New Zealander Dr Edric Baker, until he passed away on 1st September 2015. The project has approximately 80 staff members, many of whom Dr Baker trained over a number of years, enabling the project to continue running smoothly after his death. All staff take part in weekly training sessions, run by the senior paramedics. There are two-monthly rotating internee doctors from Gonoshashtaya Kendra Medical College and Hospital. In early 2018 the project will be joined by Jason and Merindy Morgensen, doctor's from the the US. 




Kailakuri Health Care Project 

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